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Fab n Famous provides you personally crafted programs by Delna Pooniwala and a panel of hand picked experts. Delna is a Mumbai based celebrity nutrition and wellness expert for high-end clientele in Bollywood, Fashion, Sports, Corporate & Fitness enthusiasts.

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Crafted by Delna Pooniwala

Fab n Famous Programs

The 27 Day Weight Loss Program

Focus is not only on losing your weight but plan for you to lose the right kind of weight and losing it in a safe natural manner.

This specially created program is personalized for your lifestyle, health status and necessary dietary needs. Keeping in mind your taste, routine and concerns making it easy to follow.

The 5-Day Detox Diet Program

Natural detoxification, boost energy levels, boost immunity, improve digestion and help shed a few unwanted kilos too.

The 17-Day Skin Rejuvenation Diet Program

Natural and holistic way of healing your skin and rejuvenating it from inside for a glowing and healthy skin. It addresses concerns related to preventing free radical damage, smoothening skin with better texture and skin imperfections.

The 15-day Summer Glow Program

This 15-day program is crafted personally to address free radical damage and skin aging in the summer heat. The program includes Detox, Skin foods and a light Low fat diet system customized for you.

The Bridal Program

A targeted program to ensure a surprise transformation for the brides-to-be. Drop that extra flab with a specially crafted diet for you and get a glowing skin naturally in weeks leading up to the big day of celebration!

The Annual Fat Loss & Maintenance Program

A long term holistic program that is crafted and updated as per your body transformation goals. It is a focused range of planned diet programs to reach your targeted goal & maintain it over a longer duration.

The 4-Week Fat Loss Program

A specially customized low fat & keto diet program crafted for your preferences, health condition and lifestyle to lower the fat percentage. The key focus is to ensure targeted fat loss in addition to sustaining your lean muscle mass. A balanced and natural perspective for a leaner body.

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